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This policy notifies you of the use of cookies on the website By visiting the website itself, you are able to agree to the use of cookies.

Our policy explains what cookies are, how we use them, how a third party can access them, how you can control them, and additional information about cookies. Mainstream DOO reserves the right to change the content of this policy in accordance with the changes made.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your browser collects from the websites you visit. The cookie file is stored on your computer or mobile phone and allows you to identify and remember relevant information.

Cookies are useful because they give you some functionality and enhance the user experience on the website itself. They can also be used to tailor advertisements to your interests, based on your previous searches.

Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, while persistent cookies remain on your device after you close your browser.

How does Mainstream use cookies?

Our website uses statistical and marketing cookies.
Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors use the website. Marketing cookies, on the other hand, serve to track visitors through a website. The goal is to show ads that are relevant to the visitor and therefore more useful to advertisers.

Cookie name Source Purpose Duration
_ga Used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website. 2 years
_gat Used by Google Analytics. It does not store any user information but serves to limit the number of requests to be made on 1 day
_gid Used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website. 1 day
r/collect This cookie sends information about the device and behavior of the visitor. It follows the visitor through the various devices accessing the website and various marketing channels. Sessional
rc::c Sessional


How do third parties use cookies on the site?

In addition to their own cookies, various third-party cookies may be used to track website usage statistics, for targeted advertising purposes, and so on. These cookies are not set by our service, but may serve the normal functioning of the website. Please note that we are not responsible for any third party privacy practices that may be linked to this website.

How can I control cookies?

If you wish to disable cookies you can do so through your web browser. Before that, it should be noted that the website works optimally only if cookies are enabled in your browser.

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