Desktop as a Sevice

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Due to the growing need for greater business flexibility, productive work environment, as well as changes in the field of employment and maintaining employee satisfaction, companies are deciding to implement the Virtual Desktop solution.

Leverage our high availability, secure and flexible Mainstream DaaS solution hosted on the cloud, with easy and quick activation and 24 hour support, to enable the new way of working: anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Key Features
  • DaaS Use Cases
  • Benefits

Key Features


Mainstream DaaS provides a VDI (virtual desktop interface) solution for companies that want an efficient and flexible solution which can enable their employees to work remotely without compromising data security.

  • Hosted on the Mainstream Enterprise cloud platform
  • Based on VMware Horizon technology
  • Available in several implementation models
  • Efficient and secure solution for delivering a premium desktop experience to employees
  • Access from any location and from any device
  • Ability to scale the number of users up and down quickly

DaaS Use Cases


  • Seasonal and temporary increases in the number of employees
  • Employee support when working from home
  • Network expansion and establishment of new locations
  • Business continuity in emergency situations
  • One-off and specific projects, and work with associates
  • Eliminate Shadow IT with pre-configured work environments that are tailored to the needs of projects and sectors.
  • Allow greater flexibility for the workforce by enabling employees to use their own devices for work.


Business benefits
  • Enable your employees to work efficiently from a remote location
  • Facilitated access from any type of device (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android)
  • Ability to add or remove devices quickly
  • No need to invest in specific hardware configurations
  • Identity and access management
  • Manage access to company assets and Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Cost-effective VDI implementation model
  • Quick service activation
IT benefits
  • Solution hosted on the cloud
  • Select the best implementation model based on your business needs
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • No major investment in hardware equipment
  • No requirements for hardware configuration and management
  • Can be adjusted to different desktop sizes
  • Easily track and control your resources and expenses
  • No need to purchase new backup devices, troubleshoot hardware problems or migrate data due to hardware failure

Implementation Models

Easy Cloud DaaS
  • First desktop deployed within one hour
  • Fully isolated environment
  • Desktop access via IPsec
  • Isolated users on AD
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Hybrid Cloud DaaS
  • Infrastructure deployed in 24 hours.
  • Isolated environment connected by IPsec tunnel or L2VPN/L3VPN/MPLS service to the corporate network
  • Desktop access via IPsec
  • Users within an isolated AD
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Integrated Cloud DaaS
  • Infrastructure deployed in 48 hours
  • Isolated environment connected by IPsec tunnel or L2VPN/L3VPN/MPLS service to the corporate network
  • Desktop access via IPsec
  • Users within the corporate client AD
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Benefits of using DaaS

Applications on any device
Fast and easy deployment
Fully managed infrastructure
Simple and cost-effective use of resources


Managed Infrastructure

Let us manage your DaaS platform so you can focus on strategic business projects. Our expert support is available to you 24/7.

Reduce costs

Establishing a dedicated VDI/DaaS platform is a complex and costly process. By using our Mainstream DaaS solution, you can count on predictable monthly costs based on your business needs.

High Performance

Thanks to the best technology applied at all levels, we guarantee a stable, fast and secure experience for your end users.

High level of security

The solution is hosted in the Tier 3 data centre. The application of best professional practice is done in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

Easy integration

VMware technology enables easy integration of cloud-hosted desktops and applications into the existing environment. Choose one of three integration models that best suit your business.

Rapid deployment

By using the Mainstream DaaS platform, you can establish a work environment for your employees in a matter of a few days. You can also easily scale cloud resources up or down as your needs change over time.

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