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Our cloud platform and services respond to the needs of modern companies and IT experts, and help them overcome common challenges of running a business in today’s day and age. This includes effectively leading their digital transformation, modernizing IT systems, rapidly developing and implementing the right solutions, and of course – optimizing expenses. Our clients can expect high availability and responsiveness, reduced risks, great flexibility, and ongoing expert support from our team.

Data security and data safety are the fundamentals of every successful business. Rely on a trusted solution that's tailored towards your needs and the specificities of your business operations, available through two data centers designed and built according to the Tier 3 standard.

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Your data is safe and can be retrieved at any moment

The dynamics of the modern business world and its dependence on the IT infrastructure prove that the safety of the data is equally important as the value of it. All Mainstream data centers have Tier3 certificates for each location, with 24/7 monitoring system, fire-protection, and physical and technical security. All the supply systems are completely redundant.

Disaster recovery solution based on the Enterprise Cloud platform

Disaster recovery and standby systems are based on technologies of renowned companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware or NetApp, and they are easily implemented and maintained on the Enterprise Cloud specialized infrastructure.

Solutions tailored towards your business needs

All of our solutions are tailored towards the defined business needs and as such – they provide the optimal value for clients. The implementation process we follow guarantees the optimal and safe disaster recovery solution.


DR in the cloud?

Safe and fast recovery

DR in the cloud ensures that your business will safely continue to operate as usual in no time. According to the designed DR solution and the agreed SLA terms, you enjoy a guarantee that your data will be at your disposal in the defined time frame. Mainstream’s team of experts is at your disposal at all times, 24/7/265, in case you need any assistance.

Reduced costs

Compared to the traditional options, this type of solution reduces the total costs needed for the investment and the maintenance of the infrastructure. Another advantage lies in the convenience and flexibility – especially in terms of upgrading and changing the DR solution itself, and reducing or increasing the resources to match the newly created business needs.


Our approach to implementation is based on a structured process which guarantees the best results.

1. Analysis and goals

At the very beginning of the project, we work closely with the client to define the goals for the DR and the project scope in its entirety. We identify crucial business processes and applications, conduct a risk analysis, define RTO/RPO, and analyze the existing technologies.

2. Design and development

In this phase, we propose different solutions with the cost-benefit analysis. Then, we work on the design of the DR architecture and the implementation plan, all of which are the key foundation for the next steps.

3. Implementation and validation

The last step consists of the implementation of the agreed solution, testing and making possible changes. Finally, the whole system is then supervised, managed, and improved by the Mainstream’s team of professionals.


Complete and optimal DR solution in the cloud
  • Support in the whole process of analysis, creation, implementation, testing and maintenance of DR solutions
  • A solution tailored to the specific needs of the business and the existing infrastructure
  • Expert support 24-7-365
High performance
  • Support and automation for Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, Citrix and other solutions, including warehouse-level data replication
  • The system consists only of state-of-the-art equipment (HP, Cisco, NetApp, Fujitsu, Citrix…)
  • Scalability – Ability to increase resources as needed within 24 hours
Data security and safety
  • 24 × 7 independent monitoring and notification system
  • The system is internally isolated at all levels (virtualization, storage, network)
  • Application of best professional practice in accordance with ISO27001

Consult with our expert

Goran Milošević

Service Delivery Director


More than 27 years of experience in the IT industry. He has gone from an IT system engineer and presales technical consultant to a manager managing teams of 20 to 130 people in the last 10 years. He has extensive experience in large international IT corporations. He has expertise and rich experience in IT services with specialization in Cloud and outsourcing IT services. He has been working in Mainstream since the beginning of 2020 and is responsible for the quality of service, customer satisfaction and efficient work of all teams for the delivery of Cloud services and Managed hosting.

Why Mainstream?

Techical excellence and safety

We invest in the state-of-the-art equipment that satisfies the standards of enterprise-level organizations while also continuously developing our system and services. Mainstream team is made up of the best experts who actively follow global trends and innovations in the industry. Our enterprise cloud platform guarantees the safety of your data, processes, and applications.


  • Enterprise-level technologies and 24/7 expert support and consulting
  • SLA insurance

Need some expert advice?

If you’re actively thinking about what could be the optimal infrastructure solution for your company, but you’re not quite sure – we are ceratin we can help out.

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Experience and expertise

Reputable clients with complex needs have been using our services for over 10 years. Thanks to our talented team of experts and vast collective experience, we can guarantee full professionalism and smart solutions for various business scenarios. From supporting you through the process of digital transformation to helping you modernize your existing infrastructure and optimally use your IT system – we’ve got you covered.


  • 10+ years of experience and over 200 clients from various industries
  • High expertise in the domain of IT infrastructure

Solutions tailored to each client

Our approach is based on understanding all the specificities, business goals, and needs of each individual client so that we can come up with the best solution which will trluy support their operations. We aim to encourage our clients’ growth by offering modern services, efficient support, and by focusing on the development of long-term strategic partnerships and meaningful collaborations.


  • Tailor-made approach for each individual client
  • Commitment towards understanding your business and IT goals

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