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At a time of intense digitalization in the business world, an increasing number of companies are facing the challenge of fully utilizing the huge amounts of collected data. Traditional approaches are no longer adequate to efficiently collect, store, integrate, and process all of the data. Data services provide companies with additional value through data analysis, automation of marketing and business actions, situational and predictive analytics, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, etc.

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What is Data Lake

Data Lake is a centralized repository which uses a flat architecture to store data, meaning that data is available in its “raw” form. The data is not processed or categorized, and it comes from a variety of sources. All of the data is stored in a single, logical platform which is the key element for managing large amounts of data in a consistent, fast, efficient and flexible manner. Data Lake has become a synonym for a modern data warehouse.


Challenges in data management, faced by companies

As a result, Data Lake allows users to get reliable information at all times by retrieving the data from structurally and spatially diverse sources. This makes the process of decision-making a lot easier.

Our experts, with their technical and expert knowledge, will enable you to successfully implement the appropriate Data lake solution and create a modern data warehouse. You be able to analyze and convert your collected data into priceless information for better strategic business management.



Data Lake allows you to collect large amounts of data from different sources and to store it in its raw form, without a predefined structure. This way, all of the data can be accessed regardless of the purpose, and it becomes easier and faster to process. Finally, your data becomes the needed foundation for applying advanced analytics and making future business decisions.


Data Lake allows different professionals from your company to access large amounts of data, in real time, and use it in for their own needs. This way, company leaders can easily find, identify, and respond to great opportunities which would otherwise stay hidden. They can achieve faster growth, make better business decisions, and increase the efficiency of operations.

Basis for AI

Your data can serve as a base for experimenting and implementing advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence technologies. By using advanced tech, you can gain a competitive edge and take full advantage of innovations to improve the efficiency of your business.

Easier use

Data Lake allows different parts of the organization to work with data in any way they like, for the best end results. Various profiled professionals will be less dependent on your IT team, especially in terms of conducting necessary data analyses, faster decision-making, and better cross-team information exchange and integration.

Security and compliance

With a well-designed Data Lake solution, you can ensure greater security of your data and comply to the necessary standards and requirements.

Your Data Lake

Our approach to implementation is based on a structured process and collaboration of multidisciplinary teams of associates, which guarantees the best results. Mainstream infrastructure supports customers who opt for Data Lake, relying primarily on technologies such as Kafka, Spark, Cassandra.

How to start data lake project

Why Data Lake

We are currently working on developing projects in which Data Lakes go over a hundred TB.

Data lake projects that Mainstream participated in

Data Lake for Mainstream’s predictive monitoring system

Every day we monitor our infrastructure which covers about 5% of online content published in Serbia. We do this by following over 40,000 parameters on all the key apps of our system

Why Data Lake?

We selected Data Lake to support the project for the development of a predictive monitoring system. This system is smart enough to anticipate the possible system overloads and issues – and it does so far better than humans. It is also capable of making immediate decisions on how to optimize the current system.

How did we implement this project?

To create a fully functional Data Lake, we used advanced tools and machine learning tools such as Kafka, Cassandra and Spark. For data storage and all the necessary operation, we relied on our Enterprise Cloud platform.

Data Lake in the cloud

Cloud technology, with its benefits such as scalability, high performance, availability, reliability and cost-effectiveness, makes an ideal environment for your Data Lake.

The Mainstream Enterprise Cloud platform was created from a ten-year experience of hosting complex and advanced systems. It represents an efficient and secure solution for business users who are looking to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. The platform is intended for those who want to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of their companies’ operations. Today’s need for better and faster processing of large amounts of data is one of the main motives for companies to consider and utilize cloud technology.

When it comes to Data Lake, Mainstream has been recognized as a reliable strategic partner and a true pioneer in the region. As a new concept and a special storage system, Data Lake has great business potential. Mainstream enables you to explore, design, implement, and maintain your Data Lake in a secure cloud environment, while enjoying the ongoing support of our expert team.

Consult with our expert

Aleksandar Nedeljković

Chief Business Officer


As CBO at Mainstream, Aleksandar is responsible for the formation of business strategy to ensure the company’s long- term growth, as well as for the development of consulting services.

Prior to Mainstream, he has worked in various capacities in foreign investments and business consulting, with organisations such as SIEPA and Deloitte. He specialises in market entry strategy, operating model design, TCO analysis and strategic cost reduction, and is well versed in operating synergies in M&A.

Why Mainstream?

Techical excellence and safety

We invest in the state-of-the-art equipment that satisfies the standards of enterprise-level organizations while also continuously developing our system and services. Mainstream team is made up of the best experts who actively follow global trends and innovations in the industry. Our enterprise cloud platform guarantees the safety of your data, processes, and applications.


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  • SLA insurance

Experience and expertise

Reputable clients with complex needs have been using our services for over 10 years. Thanks to our talented team of experts and vast collective experience, we can guarantee full professionalism and smart solutions for various business scenarios. From supporting you through the process of digital transformation to helping you modernize your existing infrastructure and optimally use your IT system – we’ve got you covered.

  • 10+ years of experience and over 200 clients from various industries
  • High expertise in the domain of IT infrastructure

Solutions tailored to each client

Our approach is based on understanding all the specificities, business goals, and needs of each individual client so that we can come up with the best solution which will truly support their operations. We aim to encourage our clients’ growth by offering modern services, efficient support, and by focusing on the development of long-term strategic partnerships and meaningful collaborations.

  • Tailor-made approach for each individual client
  • Commitment towards understanding your business and IT goals

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