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Power BI services in a cloud environment enable you to easily access sales, service, or marketing data, and analyze it immediately so you can make rapid business decisions. In today’s day and age, the speed of informed decision-making is the key to success. Recording and structuring data is important, but the ultimate goal remains having sufficient data for strategic analysis and generating actionable reports. Right where you need it and when you need it.

Security, simplicity and speed are the three main strengths of the Power BI solution and the three key success measures for a company.

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What is Power BI

If you’ve ever spent hours look at the sheets of data and trying to make sense of it all, you are not alone. With the Data Visualization Tool – Power BI, critical insights are displayed in rich graphical representations. The visual form of these insights makes it easier for the human brain to interpret them, and therefore – to make faster and better business decisions.

Power BI logoAccording to the Aberdeen group, organizations using data visualization tools have a 28% greater chance of timely finding the needed information than those who rely solely on managed reporting. The same study also found that 48% of users who use visual data disclosure can find information they need without any assistance coming from the IT staff.


Integration with existing systems

Data analysis is done based on your existing systems and data filtered through those systems. Depending on the purpose of the report, PowerBI is a tool that can be used to track and analyze end-users, manage sales, tickets, and marketing campaigns, and guiding the overall business success.

Integration with – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Pantheon, OTRS, etc.

Personalized control panel

With the help of the Power BI tool, you can create control panels that are linked to the data you work with on a daily basis. Automating reports which are consistent with adequate inputs, can significantly save the time you spend on creating weekly or even monthly reports.

Report sharing

The collaboration between employees and sharing information through proper reports is an inevitable aspect of every business. Different sectors within the same company extract different reports from the same database. This is why it’s important to have an option for conveniently sharing reports. Shared reports can be accessed via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices through the user account and unique credentials.

No tech knowledge needed

After the solution is properly installed, the data binded, and the initial control tables created, it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge in order to use the Power BI tool. Users without any tech background can explore the tool and create pie charts and dashboards by themselves, or bind the data they feel is crucial for their business.

Predefined reports

We create reports according to your requirements which you can then modify. In addition, we offer predefined reports based on our market experience.

Below is a list of possible integrations with existing systems and reports:Power BI EBITDA graphs

  • Pantheon – Debt/Debt balance
  • Pantheon – an overview of customers, revenue, costs
  • Pantheon – forecasting for income, quantities
  • Pantheon – Financial Analysis by KPI (EBITDA/EBIT/Net Profit)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision – financial analysis
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Overview of leads/opportunities
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Overview by sales representatives
  • OTRS – overview of tickets, clients, response times
  • OTRS – overview of the tickets – total, per client, per agent
  • VMware vCenter – overview of resources by clients/VM/data store, DC …
  • VMware VCP – cost per license per user / VM
  • XenServer – resource overview per client, VM, data store, DC
  • HostBill – Revenue per client/service/period/forecasting

Accessibility of the Power BI tool

Power BI is available as a Microsoft Cloud service (, as a local application for report development that can later be released through the cloud service (PowerBI Desktop), and as a mobile application (Power BI mobile).

Power BI desktop, Power BI service, Power BI mobile

Power BI is a tool that’s developing at an incredible speed. Its functionalities are continuously improved and can be adjusted to match the client’s needs, whether it’s a small, medium or large organization. Power Bi has a free and a paid version – PowerBI Pro. The main difference is in the available storage space for reports (1GB vs.10GB). Also, the administration feature is different within the PowerBI Premium, which is designed for larger organizations.

Consult with our expert

Aleksandar Nedeljković

Chief Business Officer


As CBO at Mainstream, Aleksandar is responsible for the formation of business strategy to ensure the company’s long- term growth, as well as for the development of consulting services.

Prior to Mainstream, he has worked in various capacities in foreign investments and business consulting, with organisations such as SIEPA and Deloitte. He specialises in market entry strategy, operating model design, TCO analysis and strategic cost reduction, and is well versed in operating synergies in M&A.

Why Mainstream?

Techical excellence and safety

We invest in the state-of-the-art equipment that satisfies the standards of enterprise-level organizations while also continuously developing our system and services. Mainstream team is made up of the best experts who actively follow global trends and innovations in the industry. Our enterprise cloud platform guarantees the safety of your data, processes, and applications.


  • Enterprise-level technologies and 24/7 expert support and consulting
  • SLA insurance

Experience and expertise

Reputable clients with complex needs have been using our services for over 10 years. Thanks to our talented team of experts and vast collective experience, we can guarantee full professionalism and smart solutions for various business scenarios. From supporting you through the process of digital transformation to helping you modernize your existing infrastructure and optimally use your IT system – we’ve got you covered.

  • 10+ years of experience and over 200 clients from various industries
  • High expertise in the domain of IT infrastructure

Solutions tailored to each client

Our approach is based on understanding all the specificities, business goals, and needs of each individual client so that we can come up with the best solution which will trluy support their operations. We aim to encourage our clients’ growth by offering modern services, efficient support, and by focusing on the development of long-term strategic partnerships and meaningful collaborations.

  • Tailor-made approach for each individual client
  • Commitment towards understanding your business and IT goals

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