Managed hosting

Managed services are focused on supporting companies to make the most efficient use of their IT potentials and resources and achieve the expected business goals. Through managed services, you get the assurance that your system is available in any situation, efficient, and in line with business needs. In addition, you have expert advice and support at your disposal at all times.

Rely on the highest level of performance and availability with our full expert support and service level guarantee. We take full responsibility so that you can focus on running your business.

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Managed hosting services imply that we take full responsibility for the operation of the site, and through the close cooperation with development teams – we ensure its impeccable functioning.

Service includes:

  • Resource and infrastructure management
  • System and software administration and regular security control
  • Consulting and support for CMS optimization teams
  • Consulting and support in the field of system design
  • 24/7 monitoring and expert support
  • Renting high-end DNS infrastructure
  • Migration and testing


Assuming full responsibility

By assuming full responsibility for the functioning and availability of the system, we guarantee our clients accessibility, security, and ongoing support. This solution reduces the necessary investment in infrastructure development and its maintenance, but it also provides an added advantage and flexibility when it comes to upgrading the required resources.

Technical excellency

Our greatest advantage lies in the combination of our state-of-the-art equipment and our experienced team of experts. Our equipment is in the three Tier 3 data centers in Belgrade (connected by redundant 10GbE links), and is distinguished by superior hardware (Fujitsu, Cisco, NetApp,HP) and software (Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix, Vmware, Redhat), peering with larger providers, 24/7 monitoring of all the devices and services, along with the local support of our expert team.

Solutions tailored towards your business needs

All of our solutions are tailored towards the defined business needs and client’s future growth plans. High availability is the result we always deliver. We work tightly with your development teams to design the best solution for your specific case. Thanks to our continuous optimization efforts and the fact we’re always on the lookout for possible issues, we can guarantee that both availability, safety, and great system performance will be provided.

Proven quality


  • we host 7/10 most visited websites in Serbia


  • 80,000,000+ dynamic pages per day


  • 100,000+ HTTP req/sec


  • 1600+ virtual servers


  • 6+ Gbps HTTP traffic


  • 350+ TB of generated content

Consult with our expert

Marko Uskoković

System Architect


Has more than 15 years of experience in administering Linux systems, virtualization platforms, and databases. After gaining a diverse work experience and perfecting his analytical approach to problem solving at the Computer Center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, he joined Mainstream. With a clear focus on high availability as a priority, he participated in designing a Managed Web Hosting system and implementing more than 1000 Linux servers, including mCloud – which is the public cloud system of Mainstream. Marko constantly uses new technologies and tests their limits, but he also enjoys sharing his knowledge, both to younger associates and to Linux students.

Why Mainstream?

Techical excellence and safety

We invest in the state-of-the-art equipment that satisfies the standards of enterprise-level organizations while also continuously developing our system and services. Mainstream team is made up of the best experts who actively follow global trends and innovations in the industry. Our enterprise cloud platform guarantees the safety of your data, processes, and applications.


  • Enterprise-level technologies and 24/7 expert support and consulting
  • SLA insurance

Experience and expertise

Reputable clients with complex needs have been using our services for over 10 years. Thanks to our talented team of experts and vast collective experience, we can guarantee full professionalism and smart solutions for various business scenarios. From supporting you through the process of digital transformation to helping you modernize your existing infrastructure and optimally use your IT system – we’ve got you covered.

  • 10+ years of experience and over 200 clients from various industries
  • High expertise in the domain of IT infrastructure

Solutions tailored to each client

Our approach is based on understanding all the specificities, business goals, and needs of each individual client so that we can come up with the best solution which will trluy support their operations. We aim to encourage our clients’ growth by offering modern services, efficient support, and by focusing on the development of long-term strategic partnerships and meaningful collaborations.

  • Tailor-made approach for each individual client
  • Commitment towards understanding your business and IT goals

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